Rooted VInes Path to Renewal

Rooted VInes Path to Renewal

Have you ever experienced something that changed your life forever? As you get to know the Rooted Vines community, you should know how it all began.

More than a few years ago, I found myself living a life, I didn't agree too. I wasn't happy with my job, I had 4 children that seemed to suck the life out of me, I was married but, my life resembled a single mother. Everything seemed to be going wrong and weighing heavy on me. I was drowning, the water was up to my nose and I was struggling to stay afloat. The only solace I found was on Sundays. Within four walls I believed, was my sanctuary, the place that would save me, help me, and make things better. That is until one day I woke up and my life was not only front page news, but national news.

The world I knew was about to get crazier. There in black in white was the story about my pastor violating 2 of my daughters. Have you ever had time, stand still and speed up all at once? At that moment I was no longer able to stay afloat. Not only did I sink, it felt like I was in a washing machine being tossed around violently. Maybe, this is how Dorothy felt while traveling to Oz. When the washer finally stopped I found myself in a black void and place between time and spaces.

There in the void, I was greeted by two entities suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation. They became my new friends, as a matter of fact, my best friends. Not many people came to visit them and they were not sure how I got there, but they were happy to see me. They told me that they usually go out and visit people masked at alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual deviance, and self-mutilation just to name a few. I stayed with them for 7 years without a care in the world. My mind, body, and spirit were severely compromised.

Of course, there is so much more to this story but this is about the birth of Rooted Vines. So, during the seventh year, I found myself one morning jumping out of bed with a song in my heart and a smile on my face. This was it, today was the day I would join my friends forever. I remember the sun coming in through the window and me sitting on the living room floor, excited about how I was going to get my ticket validated to leave this realm for good. As I sat there I heard a voice enter the room. Yes, a voice, entered the room. It was not a man nor a woman's voice only a voice of authority, something I will never forget. The voice spoke and instructed me to go to the mirror. Without thinking twice I hopped up and ran to the bathroom. As I looked in the mirror the voice said "What do you see?" As I looked I first recognized all the good things I thought about myself like, I'm kind, sweet, always helping people, and so on. Then just as fast as I saw the good, the truth showed to take its place. The truth about who I was differed greatly from that, which I thought I was. As I looked at the true nature of my being, I found myself embarrassed, ashamed, and sad. Then the voice asked me a question, it said "How did you get here?" and before I could answer, I was taken back to 5th grade, as if this was where my journey truly started. In Africa it is called "Sankofa" meaning to go back. I was instructed to go back and evaluate every decision I made that got me to this very moment. Then the voice was gone.

I walked out of the bathroom confused and at a total loss. The sun was no longer out, and my best friends were nowhere to be found. For the first time in 7 years, it was just me. I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Now, I wasn't a tea drinker back then and the only tea I had at the time was Lipton tea. I took out the Lipton box, and placed it on the counter. I turned and walked towards a lower cabinet and brought out a steel, cold, hard pot from its dark hiding place. The pot represented me being pulled out of a void. I then walked over to the faucet and ran the cold water, as the water entered the pot, I realized the water represented all the expectations, perceptions, rules, and beliefs that my parents, teachers, family, friends, and pastors have poured into me my entire life. I shut off the water and put the pot on the stove. You see we push our kids out of the house filled with all of these beliefs, instructions, and rules that make no sense and have no cohesiveness. When the pot is placed on the stove the water which is represents the world starts to simmer because the world knows you are full of confusion, it knows you don't know yourself and you don't remember your assignment. Soon as life goes on, the world takes you from a slow simmer to a raging boil.

Once the water starts to boil, your life is now out of control. At that moment I grabbed a mug, the kind that's made of clay and was placed in the furnace to be purified. The mug represents The Most High, God, The Source, the sacred place, and the tea bag I was placing in the mug  represented all my blessings, promises, abundance, healing, joy, and more. 

As my life was boiling out of control, I recognized all that I needed, wanted and desired was sitting in the vessel. I heard a small voice say, turn off the world (stove) take all your pain, suffering, rage, anger, and pour it into the vessel. You see the vessel can take the heat. I took the pot of boiling water and poured it into the vessel. When I started to pour, I noticed the water was no longer boiling. As I looked in the vessel the water was calm and still. Then I covered the mug with a saucer. You see you must cover the mug and steep the tea for 3-4 minutes so it will release all the benefits. The voice then said cover me, and I did but my 3-4 minutes was actually two years. You see when you cover the mug, you are sitting with The Most High, it is you and the spirit without interruption. Your healing may take time. You can't see what is going on in the cup, but you know there has to be a transformation taking place, there is a metamorphosis going on. In that cup my mind was being renewed, my heart was being healed and mended and my spirit was being put back in alignment.

The Most High was releasing the promises, blessings, abundance and much more within that cup. You are at the feet of the living power and you are learning the lessons you missed in your past. And when that 3-4 minutes are up or in my case two years you will be allowed to remove the covering.  As you look in the mug, you no longer see boiling water but you are now looking at liquid gold! And although it's no longer boiling it's still hot because you are now fueled by your purpose, because now remember what you assignment was. As I picked up the cup to get ready to take my first  sip of my tea that day, I heard a voice say quietly and with love, now I can pour into you. I cannot tell you how powerful that moment was. I had poured out everything that was bottled up in me for those seven years and it allowed room for God to pour into me. I found out that day that tea is more than a beverage, it's a process that leads you to a personal transformation, a way back to the beginning, a journey back to God.

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