The Magic of Gemstones: 7 Beloved Gems That Transform Lives

The Magic of Gemstones: 7 Beloved Gems That Transform Lives

Hello, dear friends, welcome to Rooted Vines, Today, I wanted to share with you the love I have for gemstones and crystals. I also want people to understand that there is nothing unnatural about these beautiful stones but like everything else in nature they are here to assist us on our journey. 

I remember when I was first introduced to crystals and gemstones, while in college I met a young man in sign language. He was a bit of a oddity and like to dress like Robin Hood. I was always attracting the most fascinating people back then. I remember we met up one Saturday and decided to visit a rare book store near the Freighthouse Square in Tacoma, WA. After perusing the aisles we decided to get lunch. As we were walking we stopped at a gem/crystal shop and he proceeded to give me a lesson on many of the different stones, he then pulled a clear quartz out of his pocket and told me he always carries it with him because it helped him feel more safe and it helped him focus more in school. He then told me that when the quartz starts to get cloudy he runs it under cold water and it clears itself or recharges itself back to its full capacity. 

I thought it was really cool that a guy was into gems/crystals so deeply, but at that time in my life I really didn't see the benefit in me using gems or crystals. Things have definitely changed since then. Gemstone/Crystals are now a integral part of my life, helping me stay the course. One thing science has proven is that gemstones and crystal have the capability to upload and download data. So, if you choose a crystal to help you with self-doubt, it downloads your self-doubt, your anxiety and uploads confidence and reassurance into your DNA. The stones/crystals make an exchange and the crystals that are part of our brain does the same. This is why we must recharge our crystals because they can become depleted of energy. It has been told that if you do not charge a gem/crystal bracelet it will simply fall off because it has no more data to give and it's storage is full of certain data you are trying to release. If it doesn't break you simply lose it. I find it fascinating how nature is always finding ways to assist us.

In this blog, I'm excited to introduce you to seven of my all-time favorite gemstones. We'll journey together to understand how these gems can truly enrich our lives, both spiritually and emotionally.


 # 1 Amethyst - My Calming Companion:Amethyst has always been my go-to gem for tranquility. It has this wonderful ability to soothe stress and bring peace to my restless mind. This beautiful gem also helps me focus and takes my meditation practice to a whole new level. Amethyst isn't just a stone; it's extremely powerful and has a high spiritual vibration. Using it to sleep is a great practice, just place it under you pillow at night or wearing it as a necklace would prove to be very soothing as you rest. These beautiful shade of purple stones works with the crown chakra allowing you to work with the spiritual side of self to include meditation, chanting and for those that are adventurous out of body journeying. Amethyst is pretty popular and can be found anywhere today. 

Amethyst stones ( purple) on a brown book laying on a table with sprigs of lavender


#2 Rose Quartz - The Love Whisperer: This is another  stone that is quite popular and for good reason. It is not only eye catching it really helps with the dealings of the heart. Rose Quartz is the gem of love and self-compassion. I wish I knew how powerful this stone was during my dating season. Just having assistance in the self-love area would have changed the game. Since using this stone I can say I've seen it work wonders in attracting more love and kindness into my life. With Rose Quartz by my side, I feel the power of self-love like never before. This is a stone that will always be near and dear to my heart. I believe this is the first stone individuals should get if they are lacking in the self-love area. We must first learn to love and accept ourselves before loving and accepting others.  As you probably already guessed it this stone works with the hear chakra and it works well to bring out feminine energy especially during the time of an emergency or crisis. 

raw rose quartz in a wooden bowl, sitting on a table surrounded by vines that have leaves of a green plant

#3 Citrine - The Prosperity Magnet: I found about citrine a little late in the game. The color that this stone possess is so bright and hypnotising. Most of my mid-twenties the only thing I used for prosperity was Florida Water and I still do to this day. Adding Citrine in the mix is like adding a huge bonus. Let me tell you citrine is  a beacon for abundance. It's like having a lucky charm in your pocket everywhere you go. I not only have it with me, I have a stone in my car, my plant and near me in my home office. Whenever I need a confidence boost or a dose of positive energy, Citrine is there. I pick it up and I hold it in my hand and start to meditate on the things I want to come into my life. Remember, prosperity is not just about money but it can be about joy, stability, love and so many other things. This amazing stone represents the sun, the life giver and it also rules the plexus chakra. Now, understand the chakras do not always align the same way as the stone but they do work in tandem. In saying this, citrine also helps with high creativity, energizing the body and awakens the higher mind. This would be a great stone to meditate with. Lay on your back in a quiet place and place the stone just below the rib cage but above the naval and simply. 

Dark Background with lapis lazuli in different shades of blue and sizes or cuts


#4 Lapis Lazuli - The Wisdom Guide: This is hands down my favorite stone. The first time I saw it, it called to me. I find it mesmerizing and I feel as if it wants to tell me the secrets of the universe. Lapis Lazuli is my trusted companion for seeking wisdom and inner truth. It's my creative muse, inspiring me to express myself authentically. I'm always praying for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and most importantly comprehension of the information shared with me. This is the only stone that accompanies me on my body while I sleep. Does it work? I absolutely believe that it does. Many friends and family call me for my wise counsel. Lapis has been know to be a extremely powerful stone as well. it helps you tap into your intellectual abilities ad higher mind for learning and absorbing new information. This stone is connect to the throat chakra that enables you to communicate more effectively, which makes sense if you are sharing you new found wisdom with the world.   

We are coming up on our 5th most beloved gem and it is:

#5 Clear Quartz - The Energy Amplifier: If you plan on giving gem/crystals a try I would highly suggest you have clear quartz in your arsenal. This crystal performs as a conductor of an orchestra, magnifying the energy of other crystals, just like selenite. Its great to use in what I would call "healing work." Its beauty is that is works with other crystals without competing but helping to amplify the healing process with strong vibrational energy allowing you to get in touch with your higher self. Our Clear Quartz bracelets are one of our fastest sellers. Make sure you pick up a stone and use it where you feel it would best help you. Its  very versatility and can be used from chakra balancing to spiritual growth.

Raw Clear Quartz in a White Bowl on a white wooden table with sage in the far off distance on the same table.

#6 Selenite - The Cleansing Guardian: I would say this is a gem that is also a must have. It is the savior the guardian of all the stones/crystals that you can possess. It is so very important to keep this stone in your collection to help cleanse and recharge your other crystals. If you do not yet posses selenite know that on a full moon you can place your gems/crystal outside and the moon will not only cleanse but recharge your crystals. Just as the crystal helps to cleanse other cleansers it also helps to remove blockages from you as well. It is a very spiritual crystal and is tied to the crown chakra. 

Raw Selenite crystal standing solo on a wooden slatted table with a blurry background that looks like the sun is behind it.

It has now come down to #7 and for this it's not just one stone but the understanding the importance of all stones. My favorite number is seven, it is known to be a spiritual number which has led me to:  

#7 Gemstones in the Bible - A Historical Gem: There are so many people that will shoot down the possibility that crystals/gems have any ability at all, but science has proven that false. Every gemstone/crystal has a frequency and they all have the ability to collect and transfer data. Not only that but crystals are part of the human body makeup, so how can one deny the importance of these beautiful stones being used everyday in other ways like our cell phones? It's fascinating to explore gemstones mentioned in the Bible, understanding their historical significance. I have had many christians speak ill of those who use these crystals but they forget that The Most high not only use gemstones but he assigned them to the 12 tribes if Israel. Crystals and gemstones have stood the test of time, cherished for their beauty and meaning.

Let's look a just a few passages that bring up gemstones and remember as you study these gems, I ask you if their are characteristics that match the gem with the tribes? 

Picture of a gold square plate with little squares that hold the stones assigned to the 12 tribes of Israel


Exodus 28:17-20 - The Priestly Breastplate: In this passage, the breastplate of the high priest is described, adorned with twelve gemstones, each representing one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The significance lies in the role of the high priest as an intermediary between the people and God. The gemstones symbolize the tribes and their unique characteristics, connecting them to the divine. It's a reminder of unity and the importance of each tribe within the larger community.

Exodus 39:6-14 - Crafting the Priestly Breastplate: These verses provide intricate details about the gemstones used in creating the priestly breastplate. Each stone was engraved with the name of one of the twelve tribes, emphasizing their connection to the divine. The precision and craftsmanship required highlight the importance of honoring each tribe's unique identity within the community and before God.

Genesis 2:12 - The Land of Havilah: The mention of gold, bdellium, and onyx stones in the land of Havilah in Genesis represents the abundance of valuable resources in the region. These resources symbolize the blessings of the land and its fertility. Gold, in particular, has been seen as a symbol of purity and divinity, while onyx stones were often used for their protective properties.

Pope gold hat, filled with different jewels with a cross affixed to the top

In all these verses, gemstones serve various symbolic purposes, including representing tribes, emphasizing divine qualities, showcasing wealth and status, and symbolizing blessings and fertility. Their use in the Bible underscores the deep cultural and spiritual significance of gemstones in different contexts. Everything The Most High does has a purpose, that means that the bible is full of mentions when it comes to gems, precious metals, and crystals. 

A large flat shell that has numerous gems in different shapes and colors.

As we come to the end of this journey through the world of gemstones and crystals, I hope you've gained a deeper understanding of how these remarkable creations can assist us in our lives. They've been cherished, assigned to the twelve tribes, and even mentioned in the sacred texts. It's a testament to their enduring significance in our human story. So, as you explore the beauty and energy of these gems, I invite you to consider the ways they can add a touch of wonder and positive energy to your life. Rooted Vines is here to provide you with a collection of exquisite gemstone bracelets that bring the power and beauty of these natural wonders right to your fingertips. May your journey with gemstones be one of discovery, transformation, and lasting joy.

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