Turning-Over-a-New-Leaf-with-Rooted-Vines Rooted Vines

Turning Over a New Leaf with Rooted Vines

Dear Rooted Vines Community,


I owe you an apology. Rooted Vines was born from a desire to inspire and transform lives, but I've come to realize that I haven't fully opened up about the true essence of our mission. I’ve been hiding behind our website, not sharing the full story that I've been blessed to live through.


I’ve neglected to use my voice in a way that God has called me to, and for that, I am truly sorry. I ask for your forgiveness as I learn to step forward with greater transparency and authenticity. I’m here to genuinely connect with you, to get to know you better and to share in our journeys together.


Rooted Vines isn't just a business; it’s a holistic haven created from my own struggles and triumphs. For seven years, I battled with feelings of hopelessness so deep that they threatened to engulf my entire being.


These experiences propelled me to find solace and eventually, a mission: to light up dark corners where silence prevails. Life’s challenges—be it unsatisfying jobs, incompatible relationships, financial woes, or family strife—can make us lose ourselves in the hustle of trying to meet external expectations.


Here at Rooted Vines, we believe that tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a ritual that offers a moment of peace and personal connection during your day. It’s those precious 5-8 minutes that allow you to pause, breathe, and reflect on your life’s path. What are your deepest desires? What are you willing to let go of to achieve them? These are the kinds of questions we’ll explore together.


In this blog, I won’t be selling you tea. Instead, I’ll share the profound lessons and moments of tranquility that have shaped my journey toward healing. This path wasn’t easy—it was wrought with tough decisions and necessary actions that I had to undertake to find peace.


 I am eager to share these steps with you, hoping they might guide you along your own path to recovery and contentment.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. My hope is that the stories and insights I share here will help you face any challenges you encounter with strength and grace.

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