Palo Santo ✨Changing the Atmosphere

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Vendor : Rooted Vines

Product Type : Spiritual Waters

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Palo Santo Spray is a modern and accessible solution for those moments when burning Palo Santo wood isn't feasible. Whether you find yourself in a hotel room, at the office, or in your car, this convenient spray allows you to experience the transformative benefits of Palo Santo without the need for open flames or smoking incense.

But why might you need Palo Santo Spray in these situations? Picture this: You're at the office, and the workload is overwhelming. Your boss is being particularly demanding today, and a colleague's negative vibes seem to fill the room. The stress is palpable, and you find yourself in a bad mood. This is precisely when Palo Santo Spray steps in to help.

Palo Santo Spray is often used for: 

  •  Spiritual and cleansing properties, making it perfect for clearing negative energy and promoting positivity.

  • Known to reduce stress and anxiety, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

  •  Provides the convenience of Palo Santo's benefits in a sustainable and eco-friendly form

Our spray is infused with a harmonious blend of essential oils, including Peppermint, Ginger, Witch Hazel, Fennel, and more, offering a beautiful and delightful fragrance for your space.

 Every bottle contains a small rose quartz gem to promote love and peace. 

Size: 2oz glass bottle