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Our Beloved Best Sellers

Discover the teas cherished by our community and indulge in the favorites that define our holistic approach to inner alchemy.



Expertly Crafted Blends

Our teas are not just mixed but crafted with expertise, combining ancient wisdom with modern understanding of herbal benefits. Each ingredient is carefully selected and proportioned to create a perfect balance of flavor and health benefits.

Direct-from-Garden Freshness

We pride ourselves on our direct relationships with tea gardens across the globe. This ensures that all of our teas are of the highest quality and freshness, delivering unmatched taste and health properties.

Committed to Sustainability

Rooted Vines is dedicated to environmental stewardship. We use sustainable farming practices, eco-friendly packaging, and support initiatives that reduce environmental impact and promote the health of the planet.

Supports Wellness and Mindfulness

Each blend is designed with your holistic wellness in mind, supporting not just physical health but also mental and spiritual well-being. Our teas encourage mindfulness and presence, making them the perfect companion for your wellness journey.


When you choose Rooted Vines, you join a community of tea lovers who share a commitment to wellness and quality. We offer regular workshops, tea tastings, and community events that enrich our customers' lives beyond just a product.

Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

Explore our carefully curated selection, designed to harmonize your physical and spiritual health.

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Founder of Rooted Vines

Hi, I'm Mayakia. Welcome to Rooted Vines, your holistic tea haven! In our fast-paced world, we often forget to slow down and connect with ourselves. At Rooted Vines, tea is more than a drink—it's a transformative journey. Each cup invites you to pause, reflect, and embrace the present moment. Join me in turning daily routines into mindful rituals, unlocking the beauty within, one sip at a time.

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Purposeful Sips, Soulful Steeps

Elevate your daily routine with premium loose leaf teas crafted to nourish your spirit and uplift your well-being.

Tea of The Month Club

Discover, Savor, Repeat with our monthly tea subscription. Exclusive blends delivered every month.

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