Product Information

1. What can I expect from your Incense?
Our incense sticks are 11 inches long, and each pack comes with 90-100 sticks. The scent is subtle, not overpowering, and produces minimal smoke. For a complete experience, we also offer incense holders. Remember, never leave burning incense unattended.

2. Tell me more about the Gemstone Bracelets.
Each bracelet comes packaged in a beautiful box, complete with a brochure detailing the characteristics of the gemstones and crystals. They serve as wearable affirmations, reminding you of your strengths and intentions.

3. What about the Herbal Teas?
Our herbal teas are sold in 8 oz packages. They're all organic and designed to nourish both body and soul. Please consult the ingredient list to check for allergies and consult with a physician if you're on medication. Our range is ever-expanding, so stay tuned for more blends!

4. How special are the Coffee Mugs?
Our coffee mugs feature a unique raised design imprint. To maintain the quality, we recommend hand-washing them.

Each mug hold 11 oz of liquid.

5. Any info on the Sea Moss?
We prepare our own Sea Moss gel, which comes in 16 oz plastic jars. The moss is sourced from a certified distributor in St. Lucia.

Ordering and Shipping

1. What is the shipping time?
We strive to ship orders on the same or next day but allow for 3-5 days of processing time. You will receive a tracking number via email.

2. What are your shipping methods?
We use USPS and UPS for shipping and currently only ship within the United States.

3. Payment methods?
We accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Returns and Exchanges

1. What's your policy on returns and exchanges?
We offer exchanges on all products except for supplements, Sea Moss, and teas. For returns or exchanges, please send back the unused product.

Customer Service

1. How can I get in touch?
For further support, email us at Info@myrootedvines.com or text us at 253-283-8343.

Usage and Safety

1. Any safety tips?
Never leave burning incense unattended and always use an incense holder for safety.

Philosophy and Mission

1. What does Rooted Vines stand for?
Rooted Vines is all about holistic well-being, encouraging self-love and empowerment. Each product serves as a tool to nourish your mind, body, and spirit, reminding you that all you seek is within you.

Community and Social Media

1. How can I connect with Rooted Vines online?
Find us on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, and tune into our YouTube channel @rootedvines7 for more insights into wellness.