Energize & Soothe Traveling Tea Set

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Your Portable Sanctuary in a Box

This set is designed to provide a complete cycle of refreshment, peace, and rest, reflecting an ideal rhythm for any traveler's day.

Our carefully curated tea collection – a trio of premium blends – is accompanied by a charming glass jar of the finest honey, a honey spool for the perfect drizzle, and eco-friendly loose leaf tea bags. To complete the experience, we've included a durable metal mesh tea steeper, crafted for the discerning traveler.

Each Sample holds 0.4 - 0.5 oz of Loose Leaf Tea

  • Mint Tea: Invigorates your day with its refreshing zest while soothing your stomach.
  • Sabah Moringa Tea: An energizing potion, rich in nutrients, to kickstart your morning.
  • Dream Tea: Ensures a tranquil end to your day, easing you into a serene slumber.

But why travel with tea? Each sip of the Hearthstone Set’s exquisite blends is a step back from the rush, a gentle reminder of home's calm. This isn't just about enjoying a hot beverage; it's a ritual, a pause, a breath. It's about transforming a hectic airport lounge, a bustling train station, or a sterile hotel room into a space as comforting as your living room.