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Traveling Kettle

Traveling Kettle

Traveling Kettle is an ultimate travel essential for tea lovers and beyond.

  • Great for various needs like baby bottles, device sterilization, and recreational travel
  • Compact design with a detachable cord for easy packing

The detachable cord makes functionality without compromise

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Versatile Adventure Companion

Traveling Kettle


Travel Foldable Electric Kettle, Food Grade Materials, Safe & Reliable, Boil Quickly, Foldable Design


  • Foldable Portable Health and safety, Separate Power Cord, 304 stainless steel heating plate, Safe Against Dry Burning, Power-off Protection, Ergonomic Handle


Fill the kettle with water to the water scale line, place it on a flat surface, plug in and push the red button. Do not fill past the line due to boiling over. Once the water has reached boiling point the kettle will shut off. Please handle the kettle with the handle provided, the kettle will be hot.
keep out of reach of all children. There is a Power-Off protection with this kettle.