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Awakening Path Tea Sampler Set

Awakening Path Tea Sampler Set

Celebrate the power of intentional choices with our Awakening Path Collection. Each blend crafted to energize your mornings and set a positive tone for your day.

  • Lemon Gingerly: Begin your day with the zesty combination of lemon and ginger, perfect for invigorating your senses and starting fresh.
  • Jasmine Tea: Savor the floral elegance of jasmine, offering a moment of calm and clarity as you prepare for the day ahead.
  • Morning Mint: Refresh your spirit with the revitalizing blend of mint leaves, awakening your mind and energizing your body.

This collection encourages you to embrace each day with intention and joy, making mindful choices that enhance your well-being. Enjoy these uplifting teas and create a daily ritual that celebrates the beauty of life.

Crystal Cube Teapot Not Included

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What’s Includes

Jasmine, Lemon Gingerly, Morning Mint Bliss Tea Samples
1 Mesh Stainless Steel Mesh Steeper
1 Honey Jar and Honey Spool
1 Package of (6) Tea Filters

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  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Responsibly Sourced

  • Handcrafted for Wellness

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