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Calendula Flower Tea

Calendula Flower Tea

Nourish your body and enhance your natural beauty with our Calendula Flower tea, a soothing blend that promotes healthy skin and a radiant complexion.


*8 ounces per package, enjoy a perfect brew every time!

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Calendula Flower Tea

The Healing Flower


Struggling with dull, lackluster skin that could use a little extra TLC? Our Calendula Flower tea might just be the answer you've been searching for! Whether you're dealing with dryness, irritation, or simply want to enhance your natural glow, our soothing blend of calendula flowers and chamomile is here to rescue your skin. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this tea works from the inside out to promote radiant, healthy-looking skin that shines from within.


Calendula flowers bring their healing touch, known for their soothing properties. Ideal for tea, these blooms offer a moment of relaxation and balance.


Calendula Flowers
Harvesting the healing power of these golden blooms, known for topical use and infusion into a soothing tea. The whole flower head, the most medicinal part, adds a touch of tranquility to every cup.


A sweet fragrance, but a somewhat spicy, bitter taste, making a drop of honey a pleasant complement.


1. Add 1 tbsp. of Calendula Flower Tea to your Tea Strainer.
2. Pour slightly below boiling water (90˚C/195˚F) over your leaves.
3. Steep for 2-4 minutes.
4. Remove your strainer and enjoy the perfect cup.

1. Follow all of the HOT steps but use 2 tbsp. of Calendula Flower Tea.
2. Pour over ice.

1. Follow all of the HOT steps but use 2 tbsp. of Calendula Flower Tea.
2. Fill your Teacup ¾ of the way.
3. Pour frothed milk over tea.

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Responsibly Sourced

  • Crafted For Wellness

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