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Sabah Moringa Tea

Sabah Moringa Tea

Fuel your body with the power of moringa with our Sabah Moringa tea, packed with essential nutrients to support your overall well-being.  

*8 ounces per package, enjoy a perfect brew every time!
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Sabah Moringa Tea

A Wellness Boost


Feeling run down and in need of a natural energy boost? Our Sabah Moringa tea is here to revitalize your body and mind! Whether you’re battling fatigue, stress, or simply need a pick-me-up to power through your day, our nutrient-rich blend of moringa leaves and green tea is the perfect solution. With its earthy flavor and energizing properties, this tea is like a breath of fresh air for your body, helping you feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way.


Experience the holistic power of Moringa and a blend of health-packed ingredients. From supporting heart health to aiding digestion, this tea is your go-to for a daily wellness boost.


Organic Moringa Leaf
A superhero ingredient packed with vitamins to boost your health and vitality.

Orange Peel
Adds a zesty kick while supporting your immune system and oral health.

Lycii Berries
Nature’s remedy for better vision and a longer, healthier life.

Grapefruit Peel
Keeps your heart and gut happy, managing cholesterol and supporting weight.

Eases digestion, soothes sore throat, and brings a burst of freshness.


Energize your taste buds with the lively blend of citrusy orange, sweet lycii berries, and the refreshing touch of spearmint in each delightful sip.


1. Add 1 tbsp. of Sabah Moringa Tea to your Tea Strainer.
2. Pour slightly below boiling water (90˚C/195˚F) over your leaves.
3. Steep for 2-4 minutes.
4. Remove your strainer and enjoy the perfect cup.

1. Follow all of the HOT steps but use 2 tbsp. of Sabah Moringa Tea.
2. Pour over ice.

1. Follow all of the HOT steps but use 2 tbsp. of Sabah Moringa Tea.
2. Fill your Teacup ¾ of the way.
3. Pour frothed milk over tea.

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Responsibly Sourced

  • Crafted For Wellness

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